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When should I hire my vendors?

Many of our clients ask when they should hire their vendors... The very first vendor you should hire for your event should be your Master Certified Wedding & Event planner. This is the person who will guide you throughout the process, negotiate rates for you and connect you with their preferred vendors. Some things to consider when hiring vendors is: Popularity: For highly sought-after vendors such as wedding photographers, venues, and caterers, it's advisable to book them as early as possible, often a year or more in advance, especially if your event falls on a popular date or during a peak season. Key Vendors: These include essential vendors like event planners, florists, and entertainment. You should aim to secure their services at least 12 months or more before your event. Specialty Vendors: If you're planning to include unique or specialized services like photo booths, vintage car rentals, or fireworks displays, start looking for these vendors around 9 months in advance. Last-Minute Vendors: Some vendors can be booked closer to the event date, typically 3 to 6 months in advance. These might include hair and makeup artists, transportation services, and certain decor or rental providers. It's crucial to check vendor availability early in the planning process, as some in-demand professionals may be fully booked months or even years ahead of time. Do not worry if you are working with a shorter time frame. Our team has established relationships with an assortment of vendors and we can connect you with someone amazing who will meet your needs and budget. It is essential to ensure you have your event date, budget, and venue secured before approaching vendors. Bonus tip: Flexibility in your event date can give you more options when selecting vendors such as venues and your Master Certified Wedding and Events Planner. I hope you found this information helpful and we look forward to helping you with your event.

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